Strengthening your lower body!

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Hope you all are as excited as I am about crossing the finish line of the Big Daddy of Obstacle Runs?
How happy and content you will be after crossing the finish line will depend on how much extra effort and preparation you put in in the last couple of weeks leading to the race.

Trust me the feeling of crossing the finish line knowing that you managed to overcome all the obstacles is an experience beyond words!!

If you want to feel awesome this is the time to START!! We just have less than 2 weeks before the D Day to train.
Let’s focus on Lower body and explosive power this week.

Lower Body Training
When I talk about Running I bet the first thing that come to your mind is Running! Right?
And for Running we need a pair of strong legs to carry us. So today we will focus on few exercises that will help us strengthening our leg muscles and help us run stronger and faster.

Squats: Even though the squat is considered by many to be a “leg” exercise, it’s really a full body movement that works just every muscle group in the body.Not only that, but it mimics a ton of natural movement patterns in everyday life.Squats will help strengthen your entire body, both your bones and your muscles (and your knees!), and increase flexibility. You should try and incorporate a lot of Back Squats and Front Squats for more strength development and explosive power.

Pistols: Single-leg squats help to improve overall balance and strengthening some of the smaller stabilizing muscles in the hips and pelvis. Pistol Squats helps in developing balance, flexibility, strength, coordination and focus.

Goblet Squats: It’s one of the most effective lower body workouts. It strengthens your core muscles and is also less strenuous on the lower back. They also help improve mobility in the hip, thus helping you out with other lower-body movement

Lunges: Lunges are a powerful exercise, allowing you to shape and strengthen almost every muscle in the lower body –- the hips, glutes, quads, hamstring and calves. Lunges are tougher than squats because the split stance puts you in an unstable position, which challenges your balance. The stance also changes the load on your body, allowing you to work each leg more independently.

Lunge Jumps: Need to drag your heavy legs out of a muddy pit or bog? Developing leg strength through this explosive move will give you the strength and balance to jump out and keep running!

Box Jumps: Best plyometric exercise to increase the explosive powers of your legs.

Barbell Step-Up: As with the lunge jump, developing the leg strength to step out of a bog that is dragging you down is important to keep you from getting stuck. Stepping up onto a high platform with some added weight on your shoulders (Barbell) will prepare your legs for this challenge! Step up onto the platform one foot at a time and then step back down again.

Before I end my today’s blog let me leave you with a small endurance workout that you can try over the weekend.

Complete 5 Rounds:

  • Run 400 meters
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Lunges
  • 20 Push ups
  • 20 Burpees

As I always say, Train Smart and Train Hard! Just remember… The Big Daddy of Obstacle Runs is almost here. Be Strong. And #Breaksweat.

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